Hurry up, Christmas!

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Halloween and bonfire night are done with, which means we can now focus on my favourite celebration, Christmas – hoorah! I love the countdown to Christmas almost more than the day itself. There may still be a little way to go, but it’s definitely time to start choosing how you’re going to count down those final 24 days.

Personally, I’m a fan of the advent candle, but recently I have started a new tradition to mark the passing days: #christmasalbumadvent, where I play an album from my Christmas vinyl album collection (yes, I collect Christmas albums – currently up to 36 ­– but more about that in a future post) each day from the 1st December.

But where does the advent calendar tradition come from?

It is believed that the first printed advent calendars came from Germany, and were produced by Gerhard Lang. As a boy, Gerhard was obsessed with Christmas and would pester his mother for a Christmas countdown. At this time people made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to count down the days leading up to Christmas, but Mrs Lang was particularly inventive. In order to make the time until Christmas Eve pass faster for her son, she attached 24 sweets to a piece of cardboard, and allowed him to have one each day as he erased the chalk marks on the door. Remembering this, Gerhard produced the first printed and commercial Advent calendar in 1908, although without windows to open. Instead it had little coloured pictures that could be affixed to cardboard every day in December.

These days there are all sorts of advent calendars to fuel the excitement and anticipation n the lead-up to Christmas day: alcohol, beauty, cheese, stationery and even a build-it-yourself millennium falcon!

Here are just some of my favourites from those I’ve seen so far this year:

5 of the best advent calendars

  1. Badge and patch advent calendar Christmas stocking, Auntie Mims
    I love that the contents can be used to make something functional, as it doubles up to becomes a cute Christmas stocking. Plus it also appeals to the pin and patch fan in me!
  1. 24 days of stationery advent calendar, Martha Brook
    This is definitely an indulgence at £95, but for a stationery-lover it’s the dream advent calendar. It contains beautiful stationery including a personalised notebook, luxury pen, personalised decoration, brass ruler, and an assortment of stylish Martha Brook paper goods.
  1. Chocolate advent calendar for two, Hotel Chocolat
    If you’re going to stick with the old-favourite, then it might as well be good chocolate!
  1. Make your own kraft advent calendar, Hobbycraft
    Finding treats to put inside this would be so much fun.
  1. Personalised Christmas playlist advent calendar, Mixpixie 
    If you don’t have a Christmas album collection, then this playlist advent calendar does a similar job. Each day reveals a new Christmas song, and at the end you’ll have a Spotify Christmas playlist for Christmas day,

What’s your preferred method of counting down the days until Christmas Eve?

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