Why September is my January

It’s probably a hangover from school days that, for me, September, rather than January, is the month when I want to make resolutions, start new projects and buy new stationery supplies!

As I got my new pencil case and school bag ready for starting a new school year, it felt like a chance to start again and offered the possibility for a new and improved me. So, even now, September has a fresh-start feeling for me. It’s the month where I feel the need to get myself organised; to take stock of how the year has been going, then buy a new notepad and make my to-do lists (both at home and at work) for the next 12 months. To me it just makes more sense to do it now than in January. January, when all effort is used in just getting through the month, is, to my mind, the worst time to start afresh and make new plans and resolutions!

Maybe there’s something about the change of seasons that makes September feel like it’s time to start afresh? Summer is coming to an end and Autumn proper is just around the corner (it officially starts on 23 September), and while at the moment we are still enjoying some warm weather and sunshine, the promise of coats and woollies is there in the fading sunshine. So, as the nights start drawing in and the weather becomes increasingly chilly, I find September is a good time to declutter and start getting my home all “hygge” for the coming season. Plus, Bake Off is back on the telly, and Strictly season has started, (which also means the official* countdown to Christmas begins – yes! only 99 sleeps!), so I’ll be staying at home and curling up on the sofa in front of the TV.

Someone recently pointed out to me that like January, September also comes after a period of indulgence and lax routines. In this case, it’s the summer, with its beer gardens, festivals and fun-filled days, rather than Christmas festivities. That makes sense too, I guess. In fact, a recent survey carried out by Pinterest suggested that 55% of people in the UK feel September is the perfect time to make some resolutions to improve their lifestyle, whether that’s a healthy eating regime, trying a new hobby or sprucing up their home.

Again, probably a hangover from school days but, in September, I always feel an urge to learn new things and start new projects. This year, inspired my trip to the Pen Museum over the summer, I’ve decided to learn calligraphy (more in a future post). And launching this blog is my big “back-to-school” project.

Whatever it is, come September I’m so much more in the right frame of mind and full of good intentions: this year I will be the most organised and productive I’ve ever been.

But first, I’m off to buy stationery supplies!

*in my world

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